What Not to Say in an Interview

Sunday, December 21st 2014. | Common Interview Questions and Answers
What not to say in an interview

What not to say in an interview

Getting a new job is not a walk in the park especially today when the competition is very high. But sometimes you might miss that job not because you are not qualified, but due to how you may have carried yourself during the interview session. There are things that you should never say at this stage of job-seeking the interview. Here are some of this stuff that you should not mention at all cost in an interview.

1. Never say that you are nervous
It is true that you may feel nervous sitting in front of a panel, but this is something that you should never admit to them. If asked whether you are nervous, never admit it as no company will be interested in hiring workers who do not have confidence. Sometimes honesty is not truly the best policy in an interview.

2. “Let us talk about money.”
Avoid this phrase at all cost as this might create a negative feeling about you from the employer. Many companies are looking for professionals who are passion driven and not interested in the money that they will be getting from their position. It’s true that the salary is a factor to consider, but please do not mention it to the interviewer as it may raise a red flag about you.

3. I hate my job
If the interviewer happens to ask you a why you are leaving your current job, never say that you hate it. This will create a negative impression on you, and they may find you unsuitable for the new job no matter how qualified you are. Instead, emphasize on how your former post helped you in gaining skills to apply for the current job.

4. You look great
Many people think that commenting on how the interviewer looks may help to create a good impression, but this is another big mistake that you can make. By commenting on this, it may be interpreted as flirtatious leading to your disqualification.

5. I need this job
This is a phrase that indicates very high levels of desperation, and you should never mention it. This will show how weak you are as desperation is indeed a form of weakness. Also do not say that you need that job due to the current situation you are in. How will you then behave when your problems are solved? This might disqualify you in the end.

6. Never bad mouth your boss
If there is any question regarding your former boss, never even think of criticizing him/her in front of the panel. This might make you sound cynical, bitter and petty, and it shows that you can badmouth even same boss interviewing you in the future. This will automatically disqualify you.

7. I’m pregnant/ divorced….
It is inappropriate to bring up personal issues or problems at the interview. Any company is looking for people who are professionals and do not drag their personal matters to the enterprise. If you bring up such issues, then the interviewer will wonder whether your particular problem will affect you work, and the chances of being disqualified are very high.

These are just a few of things that you should never mention in an interview. There are many more others, but these are the main ones. So, now you have an idea of what not to say in an interview if you are planning to attend one.

What not to say in an interview photos

What not to say in an interview

What not to say in an interview

What not to say in an interview

What not to say in an interview

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