How to Become a Film Producer

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How to become a film producer

How to become a film producer

It has been rightly said that a movie begins and ends with a movie producer. He is the very first person to step into the movie and the last to exit. He is the captain of the ship! A movie producer works in close collaboration with the film cast and crew and oversees each project from conception to completion.

Finding a story for the movie which he believes in, getting funds and investments for making the film, hiring the creative team and other team members of the movie, budgeting, handling finances, managing the day to day production work, scheduling, marketing, distribution are some tasks of a film producer.

The job of a movie producer is a highly hectic one requiring a lot of patience and persistence. Apart from the technical know-how, you need to be a self-motivated, persistent, focused person with excellent communication skills and have a business bent of mind if you want to become a film producer. Film production is not a job. It is a career which is not a part of your life but your life. If your heart beats faster as you read this and gives you a rush, then film production is for you.

A real question to ask is when to start and how to prepare to become a movie producer and when and where to begin. The answer is simple, the earlier you start and groom yourself for the role the better. There is no set path for this line of business. All sorts of examples exist with people having chosen completely different paths.

However, it is a good idea to start getting involved with film and theater right from school days. Starting with acting and writing can also be helpful as it grooms you for the final role and also gives you that start you need at an early age. An internship in any production house while studying is recommended.

Even if it is unpaid the exposure, one gain during these internships are of great importance as it will give you a taste of what this film or glamor world. On and off producing short videos or films which do not need significant investments will give you exposure and at the same time build your portfolio.

In this digital age, it is relatively easy to distribute and expose your film or any work online with zero investments. Many examples exist where amateur artists have made it big on the internet with their work going viral. Even if it does not get viral, it gives you great exposure and builds your portfolio. It is a great stepping stone.

After all the experience during your early years, you would have a base to go finally for formal education and get a bachelor’s degree at a film school. The knowledge one gets in these professional schools is of great importance and unparalleled. Cinema production, editing, screenwriting, visual storytelling, digital production, drawing on other aspects of filmmaking are taught. Going for a master’s degree post bachelor’s can prepare you even better for your final mission.

However at each stage what counts most and is of ultimate importance is practical experience. The more projects you do and undertake the better for you. So it’s a good idea never to miss an opportunity to do that one extra project.

While money should not be a goal to pursue any career one needs to put bread on the table. The market in the film business is evolving like any other sector. The expected growth is much slower than in any other industry in the coming years at only a 3% from 2012 to 2013. It is a pretty saturated market already. The money you make ultimately depends on your popularity and work. It can be enough to take merely care of your bills or enough to live like a king.

It is a common misconception that producers are loaded with money, and you will become rich the moment you step into film production or film business. It takes a lot of hard work to make a place and a name in this career as competition is stiff, and the growth is much slower than any other industry. However if this is your passion, then no amount of hard work or obstacles should stop you from making it. Success!

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How to be a film producer

How to be a movie producer

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How to become a film producer

How to become a movie producer

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