How Should You Dress For an Interview?

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How Should You Dress For an Interview

How Should You Dress For an Interview

Can your dress make a big difference in your interview? Well, the fact is, even though someone will not get a job just because she/he has dressed well, but not dressing appropriately may lessen her/his chances. Even though dressing properly might not be most important, but still it does help create an impression, so it does deserve attention. If you now wish to know how should you dress for an interview, then the following tips will certainly prove to be of great help.

Interview Dress Style for Men

The interview dress code for men is as follows.

Conservative business suit, in black, navy blue, or dark gray

Full sleeve white shirt (alternatively you can opt for a shirt that complements your suit).

Necktie (Jazzy patterns are not suitable for interviews, so you should instead opt for silk tie with conservative patterns).

Professional clean and polished leather shoes (lace-ups are best for interviews).

Minimal or no accessories or jewelry at all

Neat and proper hairstyle ( a short haircut is best for interviews). However, if you have longer hair, you do not need to cut them, but just tie them properly.

Trimmed and clean fingernails

Minimal aftershave/perfume

Briefcase or portfolio

Make sure to be clean-shaven. If you have the beard, you must trim it well.

Interview Dress Style for Women

Conservative business suit (pant/skirt) in black, navy blue, or dark gray is ideal for interviews. If you plan to wear a dress, make sure that its length reaches, at least, the bottom of your knees. You can also opt for full-length skirts as they also look professional. Just make sure your skirt is not too tight, making it difficult for you to sit comfortably.

Blouse in pale blue, cream, or white color is ideal. Avoid too many frills or low necklines.

Leather shoes are perfect for interviews, but do not opt for dazzling colors. Choose a color that goes well with your outfit, and makes sure the shoes you choose fit you well so that you can walk comfortably. Avoid open-toe shoes, extremely high heels, and stilettos.

If you plan to wear a skirt, make sure you also wear stockings. The color of the stockings can be tan, beige, or natural.

Wear minimal jewelry, a watch, and small earrings are enough. Do not opt for junk jewelry at all.

The hand should be well manicured. Avoid very long fingernails. If you plan to wear nail paint, avoid any sparkling shade.

Makeup should be natural and minimal.

Hair should be clean, and girls with long hair should tie it neatly at the back, as it should not fall on your face.

Do not take along a slight purse. It will be best if you instead opt for a leather briefcase.

How Should You Dress For an Interview?

Dressing for interview

Dressing for Interview

How Should You Never Dress For an Interview

How Should You Never Dress For an Interview

Dressing for an interview

Dressing for an interview

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