Entry Level Jobs in Information Technology

Sunday, November 9th 2014. | Information Technology
Entry Level Jobs in Information Technology

Entry Level Jobs in Information Technology

Information Technology is a vast field there are so many kinds of jobs that you can get from the niche of IT. If you have just completed your graduation and planning to enter to the niche of IT then here are some of the job levels that you can consider to enter into the field. Here are the various jobs that you can consider and for which you can work and get the jobs. These fields are open for the individuals who have learn something related with information technology. It is good to this niche through these fields.

Software Developer or Engineer

If you have graduated with the degree of information technology or computer science you can have the ability for coding or should have some basic idea on that. If you have learned some coding other than your graduation then also you can get the best chances for entering into the field of IT as software developer. There are chances for the software developers to make their career in areas like gaming, app development and so on. Software engineering is the field that can provide you with the salary of 71000 dollars in the beginning.

Systems Engineer

Systems engineer is the one who can be considered as jack of so many trades. It is not common for an SE to be good with more than a single technology. There are chances for the server architecture of the company to be built by SE. SE can also do virtualization environment and also network design. This is the job category that is little boarder. There are so many possible job opportunities with this particular job. If you can easily enjoy using more than single technology in the setting of data center, then you can love to do the job of SE.

Data Administrator

You cannot stop thinking about the relevance of databases in everyday life. Databases can a play a significant role in some of the mundane tasks that are there in our everyday life. If you are part of any VIP shopper club then it means that you are part of a database. These people can create a database for you so that they can track the shopping priorities that you have. Databases can be much useful for the purpose of police investigation. You may also need a database for the purpose of medical records and also for the education purpose. DB administrators can be of really great demand in the IT market. You may have got acquainted with the databases as IT student. If you love databases then you can think about entering into IT as database administrator. There are chances for the individuals to easily make a good career with this. As a DBA you can earn approximately 70,000 dollars.

Network Engineer

Network is an important aspect for any company. Network engineers are the necessity of any of the companies.

Storage Engineer

These are the people who deal with huge amount of data. This profession also has got good demand in the field of IT. An individual can earn 77000 dollars as entry level salary for this profession.

Entry Level Jobs in Information Technology Picture

Entry Level Jobs in Information Technology

Entry Level Jobs in Information Technology