Uber Car Requirements 2017: All you should know

Uber Car Requirements 2017

Two of the very first set of questions people who are planning to drive for Uber asks are “Does my car qualify for Uber?” or “What are Uber car requirements?” This post is intended to answer these questions and show you what you can do even if your car doesn’t meet all Uber requirements.

What you must know about Uber Car Requirements 2017:

Uber car requirements before you can drive for Uber, you need to fulfill certain preconditions, one for the driver another for the car. Anyone that wants to drive for Uber must:

Not be below 21 years of age
Have been driving for at least 3 years
Possess, depending on the State of operation, an in state Driver’s License.
Have an unblemished driving history
Undergo and pass a background check

On the issue of car requirements, Uber has different categories with each one requiring different criteria. As in the case of driver requirements car requirements also share some universal — Some of these are:
1. Cars must not be older than 10 years (there are exceptions to this)
2. It’s only 4-door vehicles that are accepted
3. It must have been certified OK through vehicle inspection
4. Insurance papers for the vehicle must bear full driver’s name

In short, full-size vans are not accepted by Uber. Likewise taxis or marked vehicles. Also, cars should bear no commercial signs or advertisements. Salvaged cars are also a no-no when it comes to driving for Uber.

Now let’s go through each category of Uber service and their respective requirements:


This is the most basic of all Uber services and the most affordable for consumers. Hence, in all Uber’s major markets, it is the service that gets the highest number of ride requests. This also reflects in its car requirement too. Most vehicles that are not older than 10 years will qualify for UberX. In some selected cities, even 15 years old cars will qualify for UberX. You can easily check the model year requirement for your city by going to Uber Movement.


This is the service that caters to a larger number of passengers. Your vehicle must be able to seat 6 passengers conveniently, and it must have 6 seatbelts, excluding the driver. Driving for UberXL will give you more money per ride since fare rates for UberXL are higher.

A vehicle that will qualify for Uber Xl must not be older than 10 years. It must conveniently seat six passengers excluding the driver and must have six seatbelts. The age requirement is waivered in some cities whereby 15-year-old vehicles can qualify.


Uber has a special service designed in line with UberX and UberXL but wth added layer of luxury called Uber Select. In some markets, it is used to be called Uber Plus. To drive for UberSelect you need an entry level sedan. The car must not be older than 8 years from the year of application. Model requirements also vary for this service so you might want to check online if you have a vehicle that is slightly older than 8 years. The car must have leather or vinyl interior. Cloth interior is not accepted. Please note that this Uber service is not available in all markets.

UberBLACK, UberSUV, and UberLUX

To meet the needs of their high-end customers, Uber has 2 services – UberBLACK and UberSUV
To drive for these your car must be excellent condition. It should not be older than 5 years and must be registered for commercial usage. It must bear insurance papers.


UberLUX is the premium ride service for Uber and the one with the highest cost. You can expect the requirements to commensurate with this too. Before you even contemplate of driving for this you should for check if this service is available in your city through their website since it only operates in few selected locations.

UberLUX only accepts the finest luxury version from any vehicle model and the car must seat at least 4 people.

What to do if you cannot meet Uber Car Requirements?

If you want to drive for Uber and your car doesn’t meet all their requirements, you can buy a car, try their Xchange or go for the Hypercar service. The 3 options are explained in more details below:

Buy a car for Uber

If you’re going for this option then you need to do your research well. How many hours in a week are you planning to drive for Uber? Which of their services are you planning to apply for? If you’re going to be driving for Uber occasionally then it doesn’t make sense buying a new car for that. If you’re looking for a major source of income through Uber then it’s OK if you buy a car. But you will still need to make up your mind if you will be buying a new or a used car.

Whether you’re buying new or used, you’ll need to look for a fuel efficient car. And you must make sure it fulfills all Uber car requirements outlined above. You may check out below listed cars that meet Uber requirements and are fuel efficient:
1. Toyota Prius
2. Honda Civic
3. Ford Fussion
4. Toyota Corolla
5. Hyundai Sonata

Try Uber Xchange

Uber Xchange is a Vehicle Solutions program designed for people who wants to drive for Uber but whose car doesn’t meet Uber car requirements.


Hyreacar is a service that connects people who have cars that meet Uber requirements with people who wants to drive for Uber.


Driving for Uber has many benefits, according to those that are actively involved in this, but 3 benefits always stand out for me:

1. The ability to dictate your work time. This is one edge above traditional cab services. Driving for Uber let you work at your own convenience. That means you can make it a secondary service of income, or combine it with other jobs.

2. The ability to meet new people. As ridiculous as this may sound, many active Uber drivers put this down as one benefits of their work. When you drive for Uber, you come across new people regularly. Once you are ready with all the uber car requirements then you must apply.

3. The ability to determine your income. Different Uber service categories give you different levels of income. You can earn more by switching to their high-end offers which fetch you more money. You can also increase your income with Uber by increasing your work hours.


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