The Many Different Boeing Jobs

Boeing Jobs

Mention the name ‘Boeing’ and you’ll immediately think of airplanes. That’s right; Boeing is almost synonymous to aerospace. In fact, you can make an argument that Boeing is the aerospace industry, and vice versa, and no one would actually disagree with you. Boeing jobs are also among the best-paying in the industry.

As the largest aerospace company in the world, Boeing employs more than 150,000 workers in the United States and in 70 foreign countries. Of that number, almost 120,000 are college degree holders. Jobs in Boeing are often technical in nature, like an aircraft maintenance technician.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

These are the guys who perform regular preventive maintenance inspections and repairs of aircraft engines. They also look into the electrical and hydraulic parts of airplanes like generators and fuel pumps. They likewise check for the aircraft fuselage and landing gear and ensure that there are no cracks or leakage. These professionals also replace defective parts of the plane.

The average annual pay of an aircraft maintenance technician at Boeing is $72,843, or about $36 per hour.

Business Development Analyst

But there are also other jobs at Boeing where workers are assigned to repair or check on airplanes. The company also has its business development aspect, where professionals like business development analysts are assigned.

A business development analyst performs various duties like preparation of financial statement forecasts and analysis of resource forecasts. They also make recommendations on financial performance projections to management, and develop strategic plans on how to make the most of the company’s budget.

Simply put, business development analysts at Boeing conduct market-based research and identify possible areas of improvement for the aerospace giant.


There are a lot of engineers employed by Boeing, and they have various specialties. For instance, a propulsion engineer is involved in the design, construction, and testing of air crafts. This type of engineer also conducts basic research in order to evaluate whether certain materials are appropriate for use in an aircraft, say, the popular Boeing 747. The engineer may also recommend how to improve testing equipment and techniques.

Then there’s the industrial engineer, who looks into the manufacturing and service operations of the company. This engineer is also expected to design and implement processes that would improve the company’s production timetable, lower its costs of operations and at the same time improve quality.

There are other engineers at Boeing like electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, structural analysis engineers, and aerodynamics engineers.

Information Technology Professionals

Just like any other corporation, Boeing needs Information Technology (I.T.) professionals. But these guys are not only relied upon to fix the Internet connection or computers of the engineers at Boeing. Rather, they are tasked to deliver IT services to end users. These may include deployment and administration of IT systems like computing servers, desktops, mobile devices, and network equipment of Boeing personnel.

Other I.T. professionals are tasked to develop and maintain databases, perform backup and recovery, and archive files and procedures.

Indeed, the variety of Boeing jobs has contributed to the success of the undisputed leader in the aerospace industry.

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Boeing Jobs
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