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Are you a fresher looking to make a career in writing? Do you wish to explore your creative side by writing something other than your dairy? Are you a professional writer who has hit a block and wanted to recover from it? If you answered yes to any or these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of some creative writing prompts that would help you to express your feelings or run your imagination in a perfect manner.

  1. Write a Scary Story: If you have always been fascinated by the spooky stories of your neighborhood or liked cartoons like Scooby Doo then you can get over your writing block by writing a weird story in which you can create your ghost. Make it scary or friendly; it’s your choice.
  2. Think About Aliens: You can also use your imagination to bring on your own UFO on Earth and the behavior of aliens coming out of it. You can make the aliens as weird as you wish and add some magical powers to their abilities too.
  3. Pen down Your Experiences: If you have crossed any emotional or financial hurdles in life then you can start writing on them. You can write about what challenges you faced and how you got over them. You never know, you can always be an inspiration for someone who reads this story and is in a similar situation.
  4. Do Impulsive Writing: Some writers feel that their imagination was run out during the block phase if you are also feeling the same then try on impulsive writing. In this form of writing you just need to get out of your home, observe other people and pen down their behavior. You can visit a supermarket to see people and write about it. Write about how a woman felt excited by buying ingredients of a new recipe or how a man felt bored in the market but had to do the shopping. Just write whatever you see.
  5. Opine on Relationships: If you have a big family or some close friends, you can write about how you guys spend your precious time. You can offer some tips like how to win a fight with your sister or how to grab the eyeballs of an attractive man. You can also provide solutions to relationships problems. This would not only help you to get over your writing block but would also help you to value your relationships a bit more.
  6. Create a Fairy Tale: You should also try to create a cartoon character that would have all the things and desires. You can create your “LaLa” land where animals or plant speak and everyone remains happy. What’s the harm in imagining things that bring the smile to your face and the faces of others who read about it?

Apart from the suggestions mentioned above, you can also write about currents event of your nation, your commentary of a ball game or even a brief about your firsts, be it your first car or your first job. So the possibilities are endless. Just pick up your pen and write down whatever you wish.

 Creative Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts help
Creative Writing Prompts help
creative writing prompt
creative writing prompt
Writing prompts
Writing prompts


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